Are you happy?

Effortlessly level up your wellness routines with a 32-page preview of Mandy Kubicek's book, My Tender Loving Self-Care Journal: The Workbook that Makes Self-Care Easy.

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What people are saying

Hope Edelman

Mandy Kubicek is an honest and engaging writer with a talent for writing beautiful prose. Her work deftly explores both the intensity of life’s struggles and the lightness of its possibilities. I came to know Mandy in a workshop setting, where her insights and endless curiosity became a valuable asset for everyone involved. She's a sheer joy to work with, to read, and to know.”

- Hope Edelman, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Motherless Daughters and The Aftergrief (Los Angeles, CA)

Shana Brodnax

I work with individuals and groups on self-care for a living, and I have never encountered a resource as rich and practical as this book. Certified Life Coach Mandy Kubicek offers innovative exercises, simple ideas, and rich reflective prompts, surrounded by beautiful stories and plenty of white space to add your own wisdom to the pages. I can see myself going back to these pages over and over again. If you are yearning to make self-care a meaningful part of your everyday life, this powerful, easy-to-use book is a game-changer!”

- Shana Brodnax, Leadership Coach, 3 Birds Coaching (Jacksonville, FL)

Annie Graterra

I love this book! When I first started reading, I wondered if it was going to be fluffy ‘just be happy’ stuff. Instead, Mandy Kubicek presents wise, accessible guidance while sharing relatable stories of her own journey toward self-love. It’s as if we have a companion beside us as we practice walking the walk ourselves, bringing her teachings to life in our own way. The usable, succinct information and lists help me stay focused and grounded. Importantly, this book reminds us how to accept and move through uncomfortable emotions to feel authentic joy. I happily stand by this book.”

- Annie Graterra, Annie Graterra Soul Healing (Elkhorn, NE)

Are you happy?

Are you more often stressed or relaxed? Disappointed or delighted?

If you want to experience more calm and joy regardless of what’s happening in your life and in the world, it’s time to stop neglecting your desires and consistently prioritize self-care. 

Don’t worry: Certified Life Coach Mandy Kubicek makes it easy.

My Tender Loving Self-Care Journal: The Workbook that Makes Self-Care Easy is your personalized game plan so you can effortlessly feel happier no matter what stands in the way.

Inside, you’ll enjoy:

  • 150+ activity ideas and brainstorming prompts so you’ll know what action to take especially when under stress
  • 50+ prompts for journaling that inspire calm, clarity, creativity, and change
  • 12 true stories about learning to thrive with grief, depression, and anxiety 
  • 7 exercises in setting self-care goals so you can achieve what matters most to you
  • 50+ lined pages providing ample space for whatever else you need


Let it be easy.

Prioritizing your wellbeing doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. With the help of My TLC Journal, you can feel more peaceful and joyful today.

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Where did you get the idea for this book?

I thought I had self-care figured out... until 2020. I had a lot of emotionally low days. At one point, I had lost all enthusiasm for my business, forgotten what fun looked like, and felt anxious and judgemental all the time.

I needed to level up my wellness routines, and the tools I used myself are what formed the first iteration of this book. (One of my absolute faves is the 1-Minute Mood Boosters.)

In the end, I got my playful side back. I trained for and ran my first marathon and wrote and published this (my first!) book relatively easily, once I slowed down enough to take some tender loving care of myself.

What are you writing these days?

I'm taking a break from longer-form writing (including an in-work memoir about my experiences overcoming depression) to focus on the emails I send to my readers every week.

If you aren't yet reading along and want to get tips and inspiration to help you love your work, you can sign up by downloading a free preview of the book. (See "start reading now" button above.)

I'm an aspiring writer... Any advice?

1) Chill.

2) Write. 🙃

This book became possible only after I stumbled upon The Tiny Book Course, whose instructors shifted my mindset with magical phrases like "Tiny books are a big deal." 💖 I was making the whole author thing too big, too complex, too heavy. Like everything else in my life, approaching it with a relaxed and playful attitude proved far more effective than self-pressure, worry, and hurrying.


Mandy Kubicek makes change easier.

As a Certified Life Coach, Mandy Kubicek helps high-achieving women who want to love their work. Before training with Martha Beck (aka Oprah’s life coach), Mandy spent twelve years overachieving in the software industry. She has an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, a BS from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Raikes School, and is a lifelong learner. My TLC Journal is her first book.

Known for her insightful questions and giant salads, Mandy lives in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband and boxer-coonhound. If you want to love your work life, visit for free digital resources.

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